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  1. Christine Stebbing says :Reply

    I cannot believe how people who have been elected to represent their constituents can make such arbitrary decisions. To not acknowledge the worth of events like the Carnival, Kite Festival, Punk Festival, Tutti Frutti etc, and their value to the local economy and populace is nothing short of disgraceful. They should be first in the queue to thank the hard working volunteers for putting in the time and effort (usually free) to bring about such events and support them by way of grant funding.

  2. Liam Hughes says :Reply

    I feel the decision to use most of the festivals funding for council run events is an absolute shambles, as from my experience the council events are anything but enjoyable. They lack value for money in these hard times, usually overpriced And lack entertainment for the family. I have been to fabulous events that have been put on by other community groups and individuals that have far surpassed and event put on by the council or council related employees. One of these is the morecambe carnival which as I am lead to believe was an event that the town council did not fund. This event was raving success and absolutely brilliant for myself and the family. Town was booming and it had what looked like a massive impact on the local economy. People were taking about this for days after, this has not been so for any of the council funded events I have been to.

    I get the feeling that the town council are no longer for the best interest of the modern day local. The ideas and actions of the town council are one sided and dated. I feel that the town council needs new younger blood to have a positive effect on the community it is supposed to serve.

  3. david saville says :Reply

    While 3 large festivals is good, what is proposed for the rest of the Summer?
    Morecambe needs to have something going on along the promenade area throughout the summer weekends to keep the visitors and locals entertained.

  4. Michelle mcmeeking says :Reply

    In my opinion the Carnival was a great success because the council chose not to get involved. The planning and hard work of the organisers really showed and it is great to see them recieve all the credit they deserved and not being over shadowed by the council. However I do believe the council should contribute funds (not restrictions) to next years event.
    I attended the water vest and this was not a festival! It was great to see our bay being used for water sports that were watched and recorded however the majority of the attendees seemed to be from the south and when they did ask for local support there wasn’t much of it! A child got stuck in the only cave which meant a long queue nobody waited in, and that was about it. If the weather hadn’t of been really good there wouldn’t of been any body there! The kite festival was excellent, I hope this is improved on for next year, maybe some stunt kite shows or something?
    Bring back the light and water festival, bring back the red arrows and the army slip rope, bring back womad!
    If you are trying to ensure tourists will visit, keep the process as it is, and let people apply as they do, and think about the young people in the town not the elderly moaning about the noise!

  5. Michelle mcmeeking says :Reply

    Oh and put some pressure on morrisons to finally renovate the eyesore on the promenade, as I believe the contract for the mobile phone tower has run out

    1. Mike says :Reply

      To see that land developed would be a blessing for Morecambe. It has been a eyesore for far to long and a negative talking point amongst locals for years. After one amazing festival Morecambe has never been as busy. It was amazing to see and be there and more is needed to help local businesses enjoy the massive influx of people and money.. Morrison’s do something please.. We are all fed up of hearing promises.

  6. Harri Deane says :Reply

    This is very worrying!
    Whose interests do the Town Council think they represent?
    We need more events, festivals and live entertainment organised by local entrepreneurs and groups who already have experience. Providing as many attractions as possible to entertain not just local residents but also the many visitors these can attract.
    Surely the greater the footfall, the more benefit will be felt by local businesses?

    1. David says :Reply

      Hi Harri. Thanks for commenting. The situation is very worrying, the majority of the Town Council seem to be acting in opposition to the efforts of those in Morecambe’s community that already put in time and effort to produce popular events.The Bay Radio are running an online survey about this issue and on the people opinions of the events in Morecambe in general. If you’d like to add your voice please visit The Bay’s website: http://www.thebay.co.uk/promotions/morecambe-festival-and-events-have-your-say/

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