Being a part of the Morecambe Carnival Parade is an amazing experience, it's a great way to raise awareness for your team, club, business or cause as well as joining in an amazing celebration with Morecambe community.

The Morecambe Carnival Parade welcomes entries from:

  • Schools
  • Community Groups
  • Sports Clubs and Teams
  • Businesses
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Marching Bands
  • Charities

Entering a float is easy. Just fill in the form below and the Morecambe Carnival Team will be in touch.

Mini Floats - Anything pushed or pulled like a wheelbarrow or cart.
Motorised - Wagons, Trucks, Flatbeds, pulled Trailers etc.
Walking / Band - Marching Bands, Uniform Groups, Dance Groups.

Only successful float entries are subject to a fees, made payable to The Morecambe Carnival. Walking / Motorised £25 / £100 for a business. Mini floats £10. No payment is due now.


Please review before submitting your application.

  • All motorised floats will require insurance and MOT which must be presented at least 28 days prior to the Carnival.
  • All floats are limited to a maximum weight of 7.5 tonnes.
  • All motorised floats will require a written risk assessment - Carnival Organising Committee can offer assistance with this as required.
  • Each entry must have one nominated 'Float Leader' who will be responsible for the safe operation of the float / entry and must manage the 'Parade Stewards' for each entry.
  • Each entry will be required to supply at least two volunteer 'Parade Stewards' to accompany float prior to and during the parade. These stewards must not be an active part of the entry's activities and.
  • Mini Floats such as wheelbarrows and carts may not carry passengers.
  • Submitting this form does not guarantee a place in the carnival. Successful entrants will be informed soon, upon which the appropriate fee will be required to complete the entry.


Please provide as much infomation as possible in your application.

Contact Details

We need to know who's in charge of your float entry - this will be our point of contact



Contact Phone Number


Details of Group / Organisation / Company



Type of Organisation

Please note that if your entry is successful an admin fee of £25 (£100 for businesses) is payable to The Morecambe Carnival. No payment is required now, and you are not committed to enter a float if your entry is successful.

Organisation description (including charity / registration number)

Details of Float

Please enter as much detail as possible.

Type of Float
WalkingMarching BandMotorised (7.5 Tonne Limit)Mini Float

Estimated Number of Participants (Children)

Estimated Number of Participants (Adults)

Float Description (Please be as descriptive as possible in describing your float design idea)

Estimated No of Stewards (please note for safety reasons the minimum number of stewards per float is 2 with the exception of Mini Floats)

Special Requirements / Extra Details


The Morecambe Carnival will not share any information submitted to us on our website with any other party.

You will only be contacted for official purposes regarding the nature of your application.