Now that the Morecambe Carnival is established and has shown its worth to the local economy (£3.3 million last year), the organisers recognise that bringing 55,000 people together over a weekend in August has an inherent environmental footprint which needs to be managed. 

We already have a strong focus on social and economic benefits for the area and now want to tackle the environmental issues associated with our event.

This year the Carnival Committee has introduced a ‘Trees ‘n’ Bees’ theme not only to raise awareness of the importance of trees to the environment and the plight of diminishing bee populations, but to start to create Carnival Wildlife Woodland areas which will increase each year.  This will go towards offsetting the environmental footprint of the event and will be a wonderful legacy for the Town, for our children, grandchildren and future generations.


You can buy trees online NOW.

These will be added to our planned woodland planting.

You can dedicate your trees to anyone you'd like:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Business or Organisation



Number of Trees

Trees not only soak up the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and give oxygen back, they are also important for wildlife/biodiversity (a single oak can support 500 different species) and they help to prevent flooding. For this project we are working with the Woodland Trust, the Lune Rivers Trust, the Forestry Commission and the Lune Valley Beekeepers Association amongst others.

People will soon be able to ‘buy’ trees for £1 each from here and at the event (August 11th and 12th) plus we are introducing a voluntary ‘green levy’ for businesses that benefit from the event to purchase a number of trees after the Carnival (minimum 10 trees = £10, no maximum).

We want to engage with you, the community, to achieve this and we need some help. We are particularly interested in hearing from the artistic and crafting communities and have launched a Primary Schools photo  competition with prizes to the value of £680, and a writing project. The six winning photos will be enlarged to poster size, framed and displayed at the event when the prizes will also be given by Dave Guest from North West Tonight. A selection of the written pieces will be displayed at the event, too, for thousands of people to read.

Any pledges of volunteer support or business sponsorship can be made to Ian Hughes on 01524 409606 or


Get Involved:  This is a huge project that goes beyond the Trees ‘n’ Bees (T&B) initiative, and we could definitely do with some willing and cheerful support.  We are also conducting an Initial Environmental Review (IER) which will look at emissions, energy and water use, waste and recycling etc.  All reasonable expenses will be covered at cost plus food and drink provided.

Volunteering Strands:

A. Trees ‘n’ Bees Initiative

  • Ambassadors at the Carnival (Sat 11th & Sun 12th August) in the gazebo selling trees and walking around promoting it and steering people to the gazebo…costumes (provided) optional.
  • Creatives and Crafters to help ‘dress’ the gazebo and create costumes.
  • People to help get sponsorship from businesses – monetary and in-kind commitments.  Can be done on the phone or in person.
  • Collectors to go around businesses at and after the event to collect the ‘voluntary green levy’ (purchasing trees).
  • Anyone interested in the tree planting (winter, local area).

B. Initial Environmental Review

Assistants at the Carnival to help gather information (no experience required, opportunity to learn if interested).  Could also assist in writing the report, again if interested.

C. General

Logistical support prior to and following the event for both a) and b) above.

Questions and Further information:

Please contact Ian Hughes on 01524 409606 or