MC19 will continue to make strides towards offsetting the environmental footprint of more than 55,000 people over our great August weekend.  Last year our Trees ‘n’ Bees initiative proved hugely popular with people and businesses donating enough to buy 2,000 trees that are still being planted in the area.

This year we are focussing our efforts on creating wildflower sites and bringing back much depleted hedgerows, both of which are essential to ensure a future for bees, butterflies and other pollinators, birds, insects, small mammals and other wildlife.

In a single human lifespan we have lost 97% of wildflower meadows and 236,000 miles of hedgerows have gone in less than 50 years in England alone.  Both are not just critical for wildlife, they also protect our environment against climate change by soaking up pollutants and cleaning the air we breathe.

The UK’s wonderful nature is in serious trouble and it needs our help like never before” 

~ Sir David Attenborough ~ 


Teaming up with local and national environmental agencies again, this year £1 will buy wildflower seed for one square metre of planting or one hedgerow tree.  You can donate as many pounds as you wish and you can choose which your money goes towards. 

Every £1 donated for a hedgerow tree will be doubled as the Woodland Trust can match-fund this with another pound towards the planting. 

You can make your donation securely via PayPal or most credit/debit cards. 

Thank you for your support!


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It’s going to take a community to tackle the loss of the UK’s Wildflowers & Hedgerows.

Why not do the GROUP CHALLENGE and get yourself a prestigious certificate and an attractive window sticker? Instead of donating individually group together to make your donation in one go.

Complete the challenge by raising enough to cover an area the size of a tennis court with Wildflowers or reach the length of a football pitch in Hedgerow Trees!

Just click Download Button to get a Challenge Kit where everything is explained – and get started

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